10 songs from the 1990s that make us super nostalgic!

90 songs

The 1990’s was a wonderful era for the Pakistani music industry. Walkmans and CD players had just surfaced in the tech market and the coolest kid has one with all the latest cassettes and CDs of the best Desi singers of the time. There were some wonderful songs that you can listen to even today and you will find yourself loving them just as much as the first time you heard them. Here’s our list of top ten songs from the 90’s that will make you extremely nostalgic.

1-Purani jeans

Ali Haider’s purani jeans is a beautiful song. The singer reminisces of his college days with his friends. It is still a great song to listen to when you miss your own college days!

2-Dil Dil Pakistan

A masterpiece by the legend Junaid Jamshed. No patriotic event was ever complete without this. This song will never get old and will continue to be our expression of love for the country.

3-Dil ki lagi

The beautiful Nazia Hasan sings this one in her lovely voice. Nazia was Pakistan’s national crush because she was just perfect.

4-Sanwali saloni

This is another great song by Vital signs. The band was at the peak of their success in the 90s and literally every single one of their songs are amazing but this one is our favourite.

5-Billo de ghar

This is one of the most iconic songs of its time. Billo was the perfect party/wedding/Ijustwannadance song and it still is. Abrar ul haq sang this one again for Coke Studio in 2019 and it has been on repeat in our playlist.

6-Sayonee by junoon

Junoon was the best rock band Pakistan has ever had. Period. Sayonee was everyone’s head banging track back in the day.

7-Ay jazba junoon

Junoon The Band were the masters of merging sufi music with rock! Jazba Junoon was one of their best tracks from their album Inquilaab.

8-Boohay Barian

This song brings back so many memories. Every lil girl has danced to this at some mamu/chachu ki shadi. All girls wanted to wear at a mehndi function was a yellow lehenga inspired by the singer Hadiqah Kiani in this lovely song.

9-Sohni lag di

Sajjad Ali’s sohni lagdi was every pakistani lover-boy’s way of expressing their feelings to their beloved!


A melodious track by Amir Zaki. it is a beautiful track that you will find yourself humming to.

We are super nostalgic now. *sniff*

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