5 reasons why electric cars are the future


Electric cars are becoming more and more common. They’re cheaper to run, they’re better for the environment, and there’s a nice range of luxury options available. So what are some reasons why electric cars are expected to become the future? Here are five:

1. Electric vehicles have been improving

Electric cars have been around since 1832, when Robert Anderson invented one that was powered by an electrical current; however, it wasn’t until 2008 that Tesla introduced its first car with electric capabilities (the Roadster) – which changed everything for these environmentally-friendly options. Since then, the company has come out with new models seemingly every few years (including the Model S in 2012), culminating in the all-electric semi-truck last year.

2. Electric vehicles are better than gas-powered cars for the environment

Not only do electric vehicles run on electricity, which is created completely by renewable sources (like wind or solar) in many places around the world, but they don’t even create emissions. Gas-powered cars, meanwhile, produce carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses that contribute to climate change. With increasing concerns about global warming and its effects, electric vehicles offer a much cleaner alternative.

3. There’s now an all-electric car for everyone

While Tesla has long been praised as making some of the best electric cars on the market (and at relatively affordable prices), there are still luxury options like the Mercedes Benz S Class plug-in hybrid out there – something for all types of buyers to enjoy. Tesla, in particular, is bringing out more budget-friendly options to make electric vehicles a viable option for all – including the Model 3 and four-door sedan aimed at middle class drivers.

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4. There are now luxury electric cars

Another reason that electric cars are expected to become the future: they’re no longer just an eco-friendly alternative, but rather a nice range of affordable and luxurious option s has been introduced into the market by companies like Audi and Volvo. The Audi e-tron, for example, will be able to go 300 miles on one full charge and feature wireless charging capabilities; it will also be semi-autonomous, which means you won’t have to worry about breaking any traffic laws.

5. There are more car models coming out with electric options

By 2021, it’s expected that up to 30% of all new cars produced will be electric – a number that has been increasing rapidly as the technology improves and becomes more popular around the world. In addition, many countries have pledged to phase out gas-powered vehicles altogether in favor of electric vehicles within the next decade or so; Norway, for example, is aiming to completely phase out gas by 2025. It wouldn’t be surprising if other nations follow suit! As electric vehicles become cheaper and cheaper over time thanks to increased demand and improved technology, it’s likely we’ll see an explosion of these eco-friendly options hitting roads worldwide. This means that soon enough they won’t just be the future, but rather they will irrevocably change the automotive industry.


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