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Ayeza Khan stuns her fans in Ansab Jahangir’s latest collection

Ayeza khan is absolutely gorgeous and equally talented and we adore her ever since her powerful performance in Mere Pass Tum Ho....

Our Favourite 8 Famous Pakistani Influencers

Up until a few years ago, if you ever told someone that you were an influencer by profession, they would just stare...

8 things that happen when you are the youngest in a desi family

Being the youngest in the desi family can mean a lot of things. Some good, some not so great. You have a...

Tiktok sensation Jannat Mirza calls out to TikTok star Adil Rajput and his wife over their “Ghatya Harkat”

Tiktok star Adil Rajputs shared a video on her instagram claiming that she had just received the news of her husband’s death....

Sadaf Kanwal lashes out at her haters

Syra Yousaf and Shahroz Sabzawari ended their marriage and everyone suspected that sadaf kanwal ahd something to do with it. Despite Shahroz...

Nida Yasir stoops to a new low

The Nida Yasir morning show knows how to remain in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. We get that TRPs are...

10 things that happen to you if you are a Pakistani bride

Getting married in Pakistan is a big deal. Not just because of how significant the institution of...

Five Pakistani dramas with real celebrity couples!

The chemistry between an on screen couple is  extremely important to the success of any show. There have been many times that...

Sonya Hussain’s choice of script has left us confused!

Sonya Hussain, in a recent talk show ‘Say it all with Iffat Omar’ said that she was offered Ayeza Khan’s character Mehwish...

A spike in corona cases!

There has been a recent spike in the Covid cases being reported around the country. It is very important for everyone to...

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