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Everything About Alizeh Shah [ Hidden Facts, Personal Life, Husband, Sister, Age and more]

Alizeh Shah is one of the youngest actresses in the Pakistani industry, aged only 20 years old but has come a long...

Umair Jaswal’s Version Of Gagar: A treat to the ears during this time!

The grey days caused by the pandemic where we can't hang out but have to stay occupied at home, here's where Umair...

Hassan Ahmad: Nothing Can Stop You From Being A Helpful Hand

It's rightly said that it takes nothing away from a person to be kind to others. Hassan Ahmad who has managed to...

Forcible Conversion: Has Pakistan failed to secure minority’s girls?

You must be familiar with the term as it's one of the main issues hitting our news headlines after a 13 years...

How gora rang is the ultimate benchmark of beauty in Pakistan

Back when we were kids, our friends used to prove their comradeship by uttering 'dhoop main naa...

What made Tiktok the most sensational yet the most hated platform of Pakistan

In a country like ours, where finding oneself a job is a grapple, monetizing one's social media accounts and reaching the boom...

Tiktok: A portal for “immoral, indecent and vulgar content” or the only platform for youngsters to showcase their talent?

Being a platform to showcase the flair to receiving contempt for sharing unacceptable content, Tiktok is the platform that's popular since the...

Internet Packages: Which one is pocket friendly yet reliable?

We're lucky to be living the days where connectivity is no more a hullabaloo. Lately, attending marriages happening seven seas away is...

Is Waqar Zaka As Noble As He Claims?

VJ turned television host, Waqar Zaka needs no introduction as he has been capturing the news headlines since years. Well, Waqar can...

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