Digital Wallets: How it will Disrupt Traditional Banking


Do you carry around a wallet containing cash, credit cards, and IDs? Digital wallets are fast emerging to be the next big thing in consumer-facing technology. Digital wallets can be used for various purposes such as sending money, making purchases at retail locations, transferring money between two different digital accounts, etc.

The popularity of contactless payments is increasing day by day because of its ability to provide many conveniences which other payment methods cannot offer. Digital wallet can store at least three types of data – identification information (for example: driver’s license), financial information (credit cards) and authentication data (such as PIN numbers). This means that an individual no longer needs to carry another wallet filled with cards, instead he/she can combine all the functionalities into a single device (credit card sized Digital Wallet) that has multiple applications in the form of Digital Wallets. 

The Digital wallet is a new technique for storing and paying money at the same time with a mobile device. Digital Wallet will allow an individual to carry less cash and cards if they want to buy something online or offline. Digital Wallets can hold debit/credit/gift/loyalty cards as well as keyless entry cards. It will make our lives easier as now we need not carry those payment cards or cash, it would be available on your mobile phones which you use for buying anything from any corner of the world.

The benefits of digital wallets and mobile benefits for your business

Digital Wallet is a new way of doing your business as it provides you payment solution for every purpose. Digital Wallet may not replace traditional banking system but digital wallet has many advantages over traditional banking system that’s why it is going to disrupt traditional banking system in the coming times. Digital Wallet will provide quick access to your payment services and also provides security for your payment details it also offers you convenience and faster service throughout the day.

The current state of customer experience has changed significantly in the past few years. Digital wallets are important because they can take-out some of the steps involved during the checkout process. 

No filling out lengthy forms. No trying to remember your credit card number — you can simply tap, scan, or auto-fill fields. You complete the checkout process directly from there phone.” 

Additionally, retailers can reward their customers with discount codes on the spot.

A 2013 article titled Digital Wallet Adoption: The Next Wave of Digital Transformation outlined how digital wallets have become an essential part of customer experience across industries including banking, gaming, and retail. “Digital wallet adoption is growing every day,” it says. “This new innovation will enhance customer experience, eliminate friction in process, and streamline tasks that used to be time-consuming. Digital wallets will change the way consumers interact with brands.” 

The benefits of digital wallets for your business are many. New technologies have made it easier than ever to manage data, reach customers in new ways, create more engaging experiences, and integrate payments seamlessly. Digital wallet adoption is growing every day, which makes it even more important for businesses to consider how they can benefit from them.

1. Metrics

Digital wallets can turn shoppers into buyers by increasing the time spent on your site, reducing drop-offs during checkout, and boosting sales. Digital wallets can put metrics at your fingertips to help you better understand customer behavior and drive more conversions. Digital wallet adoption will affect metrics like bounce rate, time spent on site, page views per session, conversion rate, percent of transactions with offers, and other key engagement factors. By using digital wallets to engage customers in the right way at the right time with offers triggered by real-time interactions, you can keep them shopping longer so they spend more money across all channels.

2. Cross-channel integration

Digital wallets use technologies like NFC (Near Field Communication), QR codes, or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which allow for mobile payments to be integrated seamlessly across channels. Digital wallets can also give you granular detail about each of your shopper paths so you know exactly what is working and what isn’t at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

3. Engagement 

Digital wallet adoption has changed the way people interact with businesses. Digital wallets have ushered in a new era where brands must meet customers wherever they are, integrate seamless mobile experiences into their design, and capture customer data along the way. Digital wallets mean that there is less friction during transactions, meaning shoppers stay engaged throughout checkout and potentially return to buy more later on.” 


Digital Wallet provides a great platform for shopping, grocery, healthcare facilities without going too far away from home. This is one of its major advantage towards banking system because currently banks are not providing enough services to customer. Digital Wallet also allows a customer to buy something from any corner of the world through Internet Banking. This gives an individual facility of Creditor payments, credit cards payments and Lend payments all at one place. 

Digital Wallet is a mode of payment that uses an electronic device or Mobile Phones which can be used for shopping, grocery, healthcare facilities without going too far away from home. The Digital Wallet works on NFC technology which is currently available in latest mobile phones it also allows us to pay for things without using cash or cards. It has got all your debit/credit cards as well as keyless entry cards such as gym passes, library cards, discount coupons etc., all at one place so it makes our life easier and convenient. 


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