New Wave Of Lockdown: When Will It Be Over?

New Wave Of Lockdown

Back are the days where there was a high level of boredom and very little to do as the second wave of Coronavirus is right here. After the first wave, it seemed as if everything was back to normal and the virus would not attack again. That is where we made the mistake and resumed all our pre-corona activities.

New Wave Of Lockdown1

It was understandable that the markets, restaurants and other businesses were permitted to work after the lockdown as it was solely to save the economy. However, the illegal and unnecessary gatherings including wedding ceremonies and protests made the situation worse. Besides, even the basic precautions were not taken as no one in the street could be seen maintaining social distancing, sanitizing themselves and only a handful of people wore masks.

New Wave Of Lockdown2

Initially, only the areas considered to be the hotspots for the virus were sealed while every other area was dealt with leniency. Lately, the Corona patients are increasing in number with every passing day and it seems like only the long-term lockdown can help make the figure fall.


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