Nouman Ejaz ‘s confession gets him in trouble


It is true to say that the internet does not forget or forgive! Nouman Ejaaz in an interview with Iffat Omar claimed that he is a very ‘loving man’ who loses his heart to every beautiful woman that also seems difficult. He went ahead to admit that he may have cheated on his wife several times but because he is such a good actor and an intelligent man, she has never found out. 

His fans are outraged by his comments and he is being bashed left, right and center. While some are still confused about his tone as he does sound a bit sarcastic, others are calling him a hypocrite. A hypocrite because in the same interview he shared his sentiments about the metoo movement and called it ‘lack of knowledge about the teachings of our religion.’ 

We are just as confused as everyone else! 

Nouman bhai, seriously?!


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