Tiktok: A portal for “immoral, indecent and vulgar content” or the only platform for youngsters to showcase their talent?

Tiktok: A portal for

Being a platform to showcase the flair to receiving contempt for sharing unacceptable content, Tiktok is the platform that’s popular since the past years. There are numerous social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat but the thing that makes Tiktok different is the duration of videos it creates. These videos can be edited in minutes through the same app. The visuals are precise and short while the messages being conveyed have to be the sole focus. Adolescents are more into it because Tiktok has many young tiktokers performing which makes it quite easily adoptable for others. Besides, there are many tiktokers who have gone prominent from being obscure, now that’s motivating for the new users.

Forbiddance on Tiktok has saddened its audience and people carry mixed opinions. Tiktokers who found this platform to be their only displaying stop can now switch to Instagram. The management team of Tiktok is said to be active to supervise any immoral activity and so does it restrict the users. Lately, Tiktok also introduced a feature through which parents could see their children’s screen-time and limit the content. It seems like Tiktok played its best to make online safety a no issue but since youngsters could barely choose wisely between the contents maintaining their values so that was probably the reason for the resolution.


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