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Why Do We Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween is a time when we dress up and celebrate the things that...

6 ways to get into the Halloween spirit

The annual pumpkin patch is in full swing. The leaves are falling, temperatures...
Top 10 Best Engineering Universities In Pakistan

Top 10 Best Engineering Universities In Pakistan

As time has progressed and Pakistan has aged, numerous engineering universities have sprung...
top 10 universities

Top Ten Best Universities In Pakistan

The earliest degree granting university in Pakistan dates back to colonial times. The...
Top Trending Searches For 2020 According To Google

What Are Pakistan’s Top Trending Searches For 2020 According To Google

It would not be wrong to say that after our parents and teachers,...
New Wave Of Lockdown

New Wave Of Lockdown: When Will It Be Over?

Back are the days where there was a high level of boredom and...

Extreme measures to prove sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is problem across the world and is prevalent in the Pakistani...
Forcible Conversion

Forcible Conversion: Has Pakistan failed to secure minority’s girls?

You must be familiar with the term as it's one of the main...
Internet Packages

Internet Packages: Which one is pocket friendly yet reliable?

We're lucky to be living the days where connectivity is no more a...
Nusrat fateh ali khan

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: The majestically persistent voice

It's not easy to attain the title of Shahenshah-e-Qawali and inaugurate to the...
Daguywhocooks - Ahsan Irshad’s success story!

Daguywhocooks – Ahsan Irshad’s success story!

There is absolutely nothing greater than passion. Ahsan Irshad is a computer scientist...

Imran Khan – The leader we needed

How often is it that you see a Prime Minister of the country...

The Petrified Face Of Lahore Based Tollinton Market

Islamic Republic of Pakistan which runs following the parameters of Islam in almost...

Shafi Vs. Zafar

In April 2018, Meesha Shafi came forward with an allegation against Ali Zafar,...

Humayoun Saeed’s brother Salman Saeed ties the knot

Famous TV actor Humayoun Saeed’s younger brother Salman Saeed got married in Lahore...

Loving the family time!

Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi share a family picture with their lil...
Bachi ko toh bakhsh do : Aiman khan

Bachi ko to bakhsh do: Aiman khan

Pakistani awaam loves to guilt-trip Pakistani stars. Anything remotely catastrophic happens in Pakistan...
Iffat Omar makes people angry with her absurd humor!

Iffat Omar makes people angry with her absurd humor

Iffat Omar has been in the news ever since she started her own...

Tiktok sensation Jannat Mirza calls out to TikTok star Adil Rajput and his wife over their “Ghatya Harkat”

Tiktok star Adil Rajputs shared a video on her instagram claiming that she...

Sadaf Kanwal lashes out at her haters

Syra Yousaf and Shahroz Sabzawari ended their marriage and everyone suspected that sadaf...

Nida Yasir stoops to a new low

The Nida Yasir morning show knows how to remain in the limelight for...

A spike in corona cases!

There has been a recent spike in the Covid cases being reported around...

Panda in trouble!

APRA All Pakistan Restaurant Association suspends business with the famous good delivery business...
life on venus

Life on venus, are we alone?

Our search for alien life continues as scientists strive to answer the question...

Julie! A stare in our hypocritical society

Amidst the moral and ethical debates that are discussed under finely lit rooms...

Rashakai SEZ Deal

Today would mark another great day in the history of Pak-China friendship as...

PEMRA bans Jalan starring Minal Khan and Emmad irfani

The ARY digital drama Jalan was not received well by the audience as...

Lahore Motorway incident – PM takes notice

A woman was robbed and gang raped in front of her children on...

Feminism or Double-Standards?

Ever since Aurat March has come to Pakistan, there has been a significant...

Nouman Ejaz ‘s confession gets him in trouble

It is true to say that the internet does not forget or forgive!...

Why we are glad that Yasir Hussain is not our phupo!

Where there is Yasir Hussain, there is controversy. There is something about his...

Turkish star Esra bilgic gave her Pakistani fans the reply they needed!

The turkish drama series Ertugrul took the pakistani audience by storm. It gained...

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt celebrate their beloved daughters 1st Birthday

Pakistani Actress Aiman Khan and Muneeb butt have been married for over two...

New baby in the house – Momal Sheikh and husband are over the moon

On 20th August 2020, Pakistani Actress Momal Sheikh welcomed her daughter into this...

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Why Do We Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween is a time when we dress up and celebrate the things that terrify us most. The ghouls and ghosts of our...

6 ways to get into the Halloween spirit

The annual pumpkin patch is in full swing. The leaves are falling, temperatures are cooling down and you can smell the acorns...

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