We rewatched Zindagi Gulzar Hai and we don’t love Zaroon so much anymore!

Remember when Zindagi Gulzar Hai came out and everyone fell in love with the show. It was Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed’s impeccable acting skills and the wonderful direction, the show really got everyone hooked. The girls were going gaga over Zaroon Junaid’s character and so were we. But since the show is now on NETFLIX (yay for Pakistani Television!), we decided to watch it again and we do not love Zaroon so much anymore! Here is why,

1. He’s a womanizer

Well, he flirts with every girl around him and loves female attention. He tries to buy their attention with compliments and even gifts. Oh boy!

2. He does not want his fiance to hang out with boys exactly like himself.

Despite being a total playboy, Zaroon does not want his fiance hanging out “late” with her “male friends” and especially not without his knowledge. He sounds insecure and controlling to us!

3. He treats women as a challenge

Remember when Kashaf wasn’t impressed with him? What a decent person would do is to take her disinterest as a no. Zaroon on the other hand remains persistent and tries to woo her by getting her a present.

4. He chooses to marry the most pious of them all!

By now we have developed that Zaroon is a judgy two shoes but the best part is that he chooses to marry the most “pious” woman he knows. Not only does he flaunt his long list of girlfriends, he regards it as “experience” that made him understand that girls that he dated were not worthy of being his wife. He chooses to marry Kashaf because of her sharaft. What about your sharafat bro?

5. Double Freakin’ Standards

He has dinner with his ex fiance Asmara without telling his wife and refers to it as a casual meet-up. Okay, fine. BUT he totally freaks out when he finds out that his best friend Osama proposed to his wife before he did (which btw she refused to). He gets super mad at her for not telling him about this and gaslights her.


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