How gora rang is the ultimate benchmark of beauty in Pakistan

Back when we were kids, our friends used to prove their comradeship by uttering ‘dhoop main naa kharay ho kaalay hojao gay’. At that time, neither of us ever imagined what this caring sentence would lead to in future.

Majority of Pakistani’s are observed to have an ailment named ‘gori rangat’. It is not necessary that these people ought to be ‘goray’ themselves but God forbid if they go for a sanwali bahu. The turn of mind stays consistent when these people are looking to adopt a pet even.

gora rang

Where the world has advanced, still there’s no change brought to such frame of mind. Inevitably, the media is one of the initiators by preferring actresses having fair complexion and also for promoting fairness creams entitled with impactful messages to shatter the confidence of wheatish girls. By emotionally manipulating not just girls but also men, these creams enhance their own demand.

gora rang1

The stereotype is further set off in the morning shows where ladies go through the content proclaiming ‘5 minutes main gora hone ka asaan tareeka’ which is the topic in every other programme as well as commercials.

gora rang 2

It should be acknowledged that just as fair complexion is an emblem of the US, tan complexion is the one for Paki’s and there’s no shame in flaunting it. It is often said that wheatish complexion holds its own attractiveness and foreigners often lay down in the scorching sun to get that natural tan.

gora rang 3

All that matters is how you carry yourself overall rather than clasping a cakey face that not only looks artificial but has no apparent fascination.


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