Easy Remedies for Under Eye Dark Circles!

Under eye dark circles is a very common problem that arises from lack of sleep. It can really affect the appearance of your entire personality. You appear tired and pulled down and don’t look your best. Here’s some easy ways to fix under eye dark circles!

Cold Compressions

Dip some cotton pads in freezing cold water, take out and squeeze excess water out and apply these cold compresses under your eyes. It helps reduce swelling and shrink dilated blood vessels.Your eyes will look less puffy!


Cucumbers can be a great mask for your eyes, It gives your eyes a cooling effect helping them soothe and relax. Cucumbers also have antioxidants that help in reducing swelling. It will also leave the areas around your eyes feeling more hydrated.

Potato juice

Potato juice is a great way of lightening your dark circles. All you need to do is grate a potato and apply the juice under your eyes with a cotton pad. Potato juice has natural bleaching properties which will help you getting rid of those dark circles.


The lactic acid in yogurt can prove to be a wonderful remedy to get rid of dark circles, You just need to apply some under your eyes and rinse it off once it is dried. It’s easy and cheap and works wonders!



This is exactly why you need a remedy in the first place. You can use all the remedies in the world but nothing will fix a problem like addressing what caused it. Your sleep is extremely important, not just for your dark circles but also for your general well being. So get a good night’s sleep and say goodbye to your dark circles.


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