Parenting mistakes you could be making

Talk to your children, listen to what they have to say.

It sounds cliche to listen to someone. Parents are often so busy going about their day fulfilling their numerous responsibilities that they forget to talk to their children. Talking is not just discussing what snack your kid would like but it is to make conversation about your child’s daily experiences and how they feel about things around them. Children that are able to discuss their emotions with their parents have a more sorted thought process.

Not showing empathy

We all wish to raise kind children. However, kindness can only be instilled in young children if we teach them empathy. It is best taught by showing empathy to those that are weaker than ourselves whether it is in terms of health, finances, etc. Always try and be kind to people around you. Don’t curse at the slow driver on the road, rather explain to your child how some people may still be learning to be better drivers

Don’t tell your children not to shout, by shouting at them!

Children see, children do. The reason why your child might be acting out is because they see impatience around them. The best way to teach your children good manners is to act it out around them.

Don’t punish your children for being honest with you.

Who colored the walls with crayon? Come on you can tell me. If your child is accepting their mistakes to you, do not make them regret it. Parenting can be overwhelming but it is extremely important to patiently discourage bad behavior. If you punish your child after they are honest with you, you may be encouraging them to lie.

Don’t ask them to not cry

Like adults, children too feel multiple emotions, including negative emotions like anger, frustration, boredom, jealousy etc. These negative emotions may be caused by various reasons. Children have a hard time making sense of what they are feeling and why they are feeling it. Sometimes, this jumble of emotions may lead to a meltdown. Instead of asking your child to not cry, try to identify the source of their negative emotions. It is always better to fix the root cause of any problem.


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