The ultimate DESI family travel starter pack

If you are a millennial from a desi family you must know that desi families didn’t do a lot of travelling back in the day. We have huge families that live all across the globe so every holiday that you get, you either have some relative visiting or you are visiting some door ki khala. Also, most desi parents until very recently did not understand the concept of travelling to a place where you have absolutely no family to host you. Well, times are changing and our parents have also learnt to keep up. It may have taken a lot of convincing and arguing for that first travel plan you made with your family. Because most millennials like us have experienced something like this, let us try and tell everyone what it’s like to travel as a desi family!

“kya zaroorat hai?”

The ultimate question by your beloved Abu when you share the idea of taking a family vacation with him. Now, this may seem like a question that he doesn’t really want you to answer. But you’re all set with your list of zaroorats to why a family vacation is a good idea. There will be a lot of arguing and convincing and just when you feel like you’re finally there, you can absolutely count on your Abu to say no. You then start all over again until he’s finally convinced.

Ammi busy packing food for a flight that gives you food

Ammi was on board with the idea immediately and has packed her latest shalwar kameez suits with running shoes to go with them. Your Ami is going to the perfect mix of ethnic and sporty on this trip but you are way too excited to question her fashion choices.

However, you do feel the need to step in when you see your mom packing full-fledge meals for a flight that will give you food. You have to repeatedly stop her and then finally resort to scaring her about the strict airline policies to finally stop her.

That annoying chota behen/bhai

Your little sibling is over the moon and you’re happy for them. But what you are not happy about is the million questions they have. From what do I wear, what do I take to what do they wear and what do they eat.You, at one point, completely lose it and have to remind them that it is also your first time travelling to wherever you are going.

This gives you some peace – for two hours – then you are back to square one

The arguments

When you finally set off and everyone is excited but also slightly anxious. Your Abu is cranky and your Ami is a lil paranoid. There are countless arguments and at one point you can’t help but wonder, ‘Why did I do this to myself?’

The absolutely wonderful memories you make

Despite all the craziness and chaos, you all find a way to get comfortable and begin to have a good time. There is occasional madness here and there but that’s what makes your family trip so memorable. And before it’s over, you know you want to do this all over again with these crazies!

Share your best travel memories with your family in the comments below.


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