Underlying Nepotistic Ritual Of Lollywood


Everytime we go through the word ‘nepotism’, we ultimately get a bulb lightened up in our heads that it’s something going to be about politics. Let me amaze you that it has a lot to do with other industries, be it sports, business or even our very own Lollywood. You heard it right! Lollywood has a handful of actors playing their parts in the movies of several genres. These particular actors have been enjoying the acting perks since decades, even the aging process hasn’t stopped the reappearance of the same faces in the movies. It’s inevitable that the new talent is thriving with lots of commendable skills to rock the industry but we barely come across them. The new face confronting the film world is either the son, daughter, aunt, cousin or any other relative of an already famous actor or an actress. I bet you would also be face-palming everytime you switch to the entertainment channel and behind the movie’s starting ‘romantic’ music it’s Humayun Saeed or Humaima Malik.

Inescapable is that there are almost no real auditions lately where the cast is recruited by scrutinizing the participants. But for the renowned ones, launching their closed ones in the upcoming dramas and movies is as easy as an eyeblink. You would agree that there’s hardly a Pakistani movie where there’s no corner for Javed Sheikh and to add more, his son Shahzad sheikh also has been a face of many. Shaan, who goes well with the role of a parent was shown displaying actions as a hero in 2013’s Waar. In a nutshell, the audience will be bored once and for all due to this repetition and would stop watching Lollywood’s offerings, nor would upcomers having no deep roots in the industry would dare go for their chance. The responsibility for the stabilization of our film industry is upon the directors and producers including Shoaib Mansoor, Nadeem Bayg, Irfan Khoosat, Mehreen Jabbar and Saleem Sheikh. We want the present actors updated having the same splendid aptitude and refreshed looks who don’t shilly-shally to even have their triumph marked across the borders.


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