Our five favourite no makeup looks from the Pakistani cinema in recent times

Mahira Khan

With changing times, makeup trends change too. Gone are the days of winged eyeliners and massive hair buns. Nowadays, the more natural actors appear to be, the more attractive they are to the audience! Actors are made to wear just the right amount of makeup to create the perfect ‘‘no-makeup-look”.

At the Entertainment couch, we decided on our top five favourite no makeup looks from recent Pakistani cinema.

Sohai Ali Abro from The Motorcycle Girl:

Sohai plays the real life character of Zenith Irfan, who set out on a solo trip to Hunza on her motorcycle to fulfil her late father’s dream. We loved everything about Sohai’s character in the movie, especially her makeover. Sohai wins our hearts with minimal makeup and her smart casual attire throughout the movie.

Haniya Amir from Parwaaz hai Junoon

Haniya is undoubtedly the heartthrob of the Pakistani Entertainment Industry and her smile has to be the best thing she wears. Haniya plays a fighter pilot in the movie and therefore her role requires her to appear as natural as possible. We loved all of Haniya’s looks in the movie but watching her in the Pakistan Air Force uniform won our hearts.

Mahira Khan from Bol

Mahira Khan plays your sweet girl next door in Bol. Her absolutely simple Shalwar kameezain and white dupattas remind us of simpler times. We believe that her no make up look was actually her bare-faced in the movie. Nevertheless, she looked beautiful.

Hajra Yamin from Pinky Memsaab

Hajra gamin plays a simple village girl that heads to Dubai for her work. Hajra’s minimal makeup and natural long black curls add dimension to her character in the movie. The audience also witnessed a transition in her appearance through the movie, from leading a simple life in her village to being introduced to the glamorous life in Dubai.

Mehwish Hayat from Load Wedding

Mehwish plays a polio worker in Load Wedding. Watching mehwish in completely eastern attire with her hair tied in braids was a delight to the viewers. Her minimal makeup complements her character in the movie also making her more relatable to the audience.


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