Madiha Sarwar – A woman’s journey of turning her pain into her strength.


We all encounter pain of many different sorts in our life but what we make of that pain is what defines us. It is one thing to come out of your pain strong and tall but to be able to heal not only yourself but also those around who may have experienced pain similar to yours, is beyond wonderful.

Madiha lost her husband. It sounds simple when you narrate it but it is so much more than that. Madiha lost the first man she ever loved. She lost her best friend. She lost her soul mate. She lost the father of her children. She lost her companion, her confidant, her life partner. The pain is so immense that it can not be put into words. It can only be felt by the person that goes through it. Nobody will ever understand the pain of missing them every single day.

When you see Madiha, she goes to work and she laughs with her friends, she plays with her children and everything is normal. But what the world does not see is the strength that it takes to deal with the pain of missing her husband every single day, every single night for the rest of her life.

What makes Madiha so special is that she wears her pain like a crown and lets it be a reason for everyone to value their own relationships. She offers help to every person that may be hurting over losing a loved one. Madiha has an Instagram account where she pours her heart out and her words have the ability to make people feel like they are not alone.

Madiha has a very strong faith and she is certain that she will be reunited with her husband in an after-life. She holds onto her faith as a child holds on to their mother. It makes her feel safe and secure. Madiha’s husband’s death was not a tragedy for her alone but for the entire nation. He was one of the pilots in the most unfortunate AirBlue crash in Islamabad on July 28th, 2010. The entire nation mourned that day.

Madiha and Muntajib shared a beautiful love story, the kind that you see in Pakistani dramas, and end up daydreaming about. Madiha met Muntajib when she was just a teenager and they both lived on two different continents. Madiha was in the USA while Muntajib was in Pakistan. She had come to spend her summer with her family here in Pakistan, where she fell in love with him.

She held onto her love for him despite being told that she was young and foolish at the time. Years later, the Muntajibs family asked for Madiha’s hand in marriage and the two were married. Muntajib was everything Madiha had ever dreamt of. He was tall and handsome and kind and funny! They had a beautiful life, two lovely children, and a companionship worth envying. But life had something else in store for the two.

Years after Muntajib’s death, Madiha is still in love with him as their first day together. Their kids are older now and every year she celebrates their wedding anniversary to keep their memory alive. Madiha is the epitome of strength and support for many people around her that are struggling with pain in their respective lives. We wish Madiha strength and we hope that she and Muntajib are reunited in heaven in a beautiful house full of love and laughter, just how she imagines it to be.

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