Iffat Omar makes people angry with her absurd humor

Iffat Omar makes people angry with her absurd humor!

Iffat Omar has been in the news ever since she started her own show where she interviews fellow celebrities. Sometimes she is seen making controversial statements about her fellow actors and in other instances, her guests make inappropriate statements in her show, Omar has once again managed to anger her audience by saying using inappropriate language for the leadership of this country. Not only this, but she is also seen targeting the inefficiency of the government by making jokes about the government’s suggestion to chemically castrate rapists. This is extremely inappropriate but also hurtful and insensitive to people that may have personally experienced harassment or abuse. This is a very serious matter and not a time for point scoring against any political party. This is one time that we should all forget our differences and come together to ensure a safer environment for the women of this country.


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