Forcible Conversion: Has Pakistan failed to secure minority’s girls?

Forcible Conversion

You must be familiar with the term as it’s one of the main issues hitting our news headlines after a 13 years old Christan girl named Arzoo Raza alias Arzoo Fatima was said to be first kidnapped and then she was married to a 44 years old man. The issue bigger than that is that she was said to be forcibly converted to Islam. The incident took the human rights activists and Christian community by storm and while there are protests being arranged in Karachi, the court is also active to resolve the case and bring forth the reality.

Forcible Conversion22

According to officials, the girl has been recovered now. However, the point to worry is that has Pakistan failed to protect the minorities?

Forcible conversions have now become a norm in the country and that is why minorities fear while letting their children especially girls out. Most of these conversions take place by the influential people which is even more disturbing.

There have been numerics shared stating the numbers of forcible conversions being held in Pakistan where there are barely any males but a great number of girls. Majorly, Hindu girls are converted.

Forcible Conversion33

The current affairs speak it all that elites have an easy-peasy life whereas minorities have to fight for even the basics. If the situation remained the same, in future, there will be no immigrants to Pakistan. We must make what’s written in our constitution work.


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