8 things that happen when you are the youngest in a desi family

desi family

Being the youngest in the desi family can mean a lot of things. Some good, some not so great. You have a pair of parents but everyone else also just assumes the role of your Abbu and Ammi. You are the youngest and sometimes it gets really difficult for you. No matter what you do, you are the chotu of the house!

1. Constant ghulami

Your entire life has been a constant chore that just doesn’t seem to end. Darwaza band kardo. Light jala do. Pani pila do. And you just can’t say no. Sometimes your older siblings will sweet talk you into it “Achay bhai/behen nahi ho?” or sometimes they will simply threaten you and you will end up doing it!

2. You know too much, too soon

Sometimes, your parents and older siblings and cousins will have no filter talking in front of you. This can seem like a lot of fun initially but soon you will feel like you know way too much for your age. We remember back in school, it was always that kid in class who had lots of older siblings that knew all the “secrets”.

3. Mixed instructions – from chotay ho chotay ban raho to Ab baray hogaye ho!

You are in a constant state of confusion, not knowing how exactly to act because as soon as you start to mature and have an opinion, you are reminded that you are a chotu. When you accept your status as a chota bacha of the family and are not eager to take responsibility, you get a lecture on how you are now an adult and must act like it. KAHAN JAEN BHAI?!

4. Your parents are not even half as strict as they were with your older siblings!

Your parents have probably exhausted themselves trying to parent your older siblings that by the time it’s your turn, they just let you be. You are allowed for sleepovers, your pocket money is a lot more than your siblings ever had it and you can wear whatever you like. You love this but your older siblings are definitely not thrilled

5. Your siblings love you like their own child!

Despite all the daant and the roab jharna, you know your olders siblings have always got your back. You love that occasional additional pocket money and lots of advice!

6. You are a great listener and your friends love you!

You have tried to help in so many family phaddas that now you are a great listener. You let people vent and only talk when you feel they are ready to listen. This makes you a great friend to have.

7. The teasing

It’s one thing being the youngest at home but if you are also the youngest amongst all cousins, oh boy! You will often be put on spot and teased for silly things. Family gatherings are not exactly fun for you.

8. Unlimited laad and pyar!

You always know that you have so many people to come home to and no matter how old you get, you can just go back to being a chotu and get lots of cuddles!

We hope that being the youngest sibling has been great for you. If you have anything else to add to our list, do let us know. And while you are at it, zara pani toh pila do yaar!


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