Internet Packages: Which one is pocket friendly yet reliable?

Internet Packages

We’re lucky to be living the days where connectivity is no more a hullabaloo. Lately, attending marriages happening seven seas away is just touches away. What else needs to take a stand for the reliability of the internet? There are two methods for the internet to run; wifi and mobile data.

Businesses like to rely on wifi because it doesn’t cost as much as the mobile data and secondly, the businesses usually need to stay in the boundaries to perform their tasks so wifi is a wise idea for them. However, individuals, especially those who have to stay outdoors more and can’t carry with them the wifi device, choose mobile data. Mobile data is super convenient and can be your bestie in the dull days where you’re stuck in the traffic and no one’s there to accompany you or when you’re urging to look up your ‘office to be’ on Google maps to rush for the interview.

Now whether you’re an outdoorsy or indoorsy, if you’re going to be a mobile data user then this read is a must for you to choose yourself the best internet packages offered by the telco companies.

Starting off, let’s go through the daily internet packages which the renowned telco companies offer;

Name of the Operator Package Charges
Telenor 250Mbs (4G daily bundle) 15Pkr
Zong 100Mb (Social pack) 10Pkr plus tax
Ufone 50Mb (Special daily) 6Pkr
Jazz 100Mb+ 1100Mb(2:00am to 2:00pm) (Daily peak off peak) 24Pkr

Now, let’s compare the weekly internet packages, their rates and the data they offer;

Name of the Operator Package Charges
Telenor 8 Gb (Weekly Ultra) 185Pkr
Zong 2.5 Gb (Super Weekly offer) 165Pkr
Ufone 1.2 Gb (Super Internet) 130Pkr
Jazz 1Gb (Weekly streamer) 95Pkr

Last but not the least, have a peek at the monthly packages also in case you’re looking for a big chunk of data to waive off worries.

Name of the Operator Package Charges
Telenor 8Gb (Monthly starter) 300Pkr
Zong 500Mb (Monthly basic) 150pkr plus tax
Ufone 3Gb (Monthly light) 390Pkr
Jazz 4Gb (2 Gb from 2am to 2pm) (Monthly browser package) 215Pkr

Hopefully, now you know which data package you should opt for and what budget should be your budget. When choosing yourself the package, don’t forget to ask around your neighbours and friends about the signal performance of the company you’re going to seek the internet from. In some areas, there’s a signal issue and the packages which were highly boasted about fail to work. Besides, these companies also offer special offers to some districts so it’s a must to research periodically.

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