Tiktok sensation Jannat Mirza calls out to TikTok star Adil Rajput and his wife over their “Ghatya Harkat”

Tiktok star Adil Rajputs shared a video on her instagram claiming that she had just received the news of her husband’s death. She was crying inconsolably and the fans were absolutely shocked. Later, she uploaded another video saying that the news she had received was not true, her husband had gotten in an accident and only fainted but his friend misunderstood the situation. The fans may be relieved to find out that TikTok star Adil Rajput is now okay but there has been suspicion ever since, that the entire incident was staged for publicity.

Jannat Mirza also feels the same way and she shared a video saying that she knew instantly that it was a publicity stunt as no woman in her right mind would pick up her phone and record a tiktok video at the news of her husband’s death. She said that death is not a joke and Adil Rajput and his wife must refrain from such “Ghatya Harkatien”. She also wished that they may never have to experience anything like this in their life.

Jannat Mirza Response About Adil Rajput’s Fake Death News


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