Churails: the underrated yet frowned upon web series of our decade


We’re living in the days where our neighbouring countries have marked successes and have welcomed advances. While we’re complaining about Netflix not approaching Pakistan. The hullabaloo is over the Pakistani web series named Churails to be banned in its country of origin while being watched by the rest. Produced by Asim Abbasi with a mission to support feminism and break the stereotypes, an international OTT bought it.


The series had to empower women, stating that it’s no more acceptable to put an end to a hyped issue by uttering “boys are made to do this” and “it’s the responsibility of a girl only”. Feminists had their fingers crossed that the series will revolutionize the Paki ladies by making them flip from Nida Yasir’s skin lightening morning shows to something worth watching. It was an attempt to pave the way for Amazon and Netflix into Pakistan.


The series was banned after being reported over and over and accused of betraying women. The issues Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s documentaries highlighted were said to be slandering Pakistani culture across the globe. However, this certain banning act speaks for itself as now it’s believed that misogynists couldn’t stand that women are sanctioned to seek justice wherever needed like the roles being depicted in the series.


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