Daguywhocooks – Ahsan Irshad’s success story!

Daguywhocooks - Ahsan Irshad’s success story!

There is absolutely nothing greater than passion. Ahsan Irshad is a computer scientist by education but he is passionate about cooking. His love for flavor drove him to set up a small stall where he made scrumptious food for his customers. “When I was running my stall, I used to look at the shops in awe and think one day I’ll be there IA”, he sends a message of hope and motivation for everyone that is struggling to achieve their dreams. He credits his success to his hard work, positivity and good intentions (Naik Niyati). From running a roadside stall, he is now all set to launch his very own cafe called ‘daguywhocooks’. People on the Internet have come together to support him and wish him success, some of whom had the pleasure of being a customer at his stall are vouching for his cooking talent.

Ahsan Irshad sets a great example for the youth of our country. We have so much to learn from his struggles and it is certain that dedication and commitment to your dreams will take you a long way. We wish him the best for his cafe and hope that he achieves great things for his business!


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