Feminism or Double-Standards?

Ever since Aurat March has come to Pakistan, there has been a significant rise in Feminist activists in Pakistan. We love that the people of our country are becoming increasingly aware of the problems that exist in our society for women. While the internet is always full of debates between people that are either hard-core feminists or others who consider feminism nothing but a yahoodi saazish, we believe that it is always good to indulge in constructive debates.

Most celebrities are also self-proclaimed active feminists, claiming equal rights for women. Iffat Omer also is one such celebrity. She has been spotted participating at the Aurat March, throwing shade at those who oppose the movement and claiming that the MeToo movement is very close to her heart. However, she is in hot waters because of what she said in her show.

In a recent episode of her celebrity talk show “Say it all with Iffat Omar”, she said that she had a huge crush on the veteran actor Rahat Kazmi so she would ask her crew to retake her scenes with Rahat Kazmi only so she could hug him repeatedly. He was playing her father and had no idea what she was upto. Years later, she laughs about it with him.

Now the Internet will not have this. People are calling her extremely unprofessional or downright creepy. But most of all, people are offended because they feel it is considered normal for a woman to joke about this but if a male actor would have shared a similar story, the outrage would have been massive!


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