Getting your toddler to eat!

Getting your toddler to eat!

The best way to introduce good eating habits in your child is to encourage baby led weaning at around six months. You basically put small bite sized soft foods on a plate in front of your child and encourage them to eat it themselves. It can be messy but it will make your child an independent eater. However, sometimes getting your toddler to eat can be really tricky. A balanced diet is very important for your child’s optimal brain development and physical growth.

Here’s some tricks that help moms get their children to eat well.

1. No Snacking

Snacking sounds fun but it can really mess it up for the proper meals that you have to offer your child. You need to ask yourself why do you eat? Because you are hungry, thats right. You have to make sure your child also feels hungry when its meal time. It sounds a bit mean and hard to pull off, but you gotta say no when they ask for a snack. And if you must offer a snack, make sure you offer something healthy with a greater nutritional value, for instance, a banana instead of a cookie.

2. A variety of bite sized foods

You have to think logically when you offer your toddler food. They have tiny tummies and boy are they easily bored. It’s a great idea to offer them a variety of different foods cut up into small four to five bite sized pieces. So an ideal lunch plate should perhaps have a quarter banana cut into small pieces, a few spoons of rice and a small piece of chicken. When there is a variety of small portions, your toddler is less likely to be overwhelmed by the sight of food. They might be interested in at least trying something on their plate. Something that can really help is adding a small treat as dessert. Perhaps an oreo or a small cube of homemade jelly.

3. Make it into drink

Smoothies can be a great way to give your toddler a balanced and nutrition rich meal. You can include dairy, fruits,vegetables, nuts, seeds and some herbs too! You can make it sweet with some natural sweeteners like honey and voila! You have a delicious and healthy drink ready for your toddler.

4. Let them feed you

Sitting with your toddler and allowing them to feed you can be a great way to show them how fun meal time is for you. You can then smartly take over and may start taking turns to take the next bite

5. Games!

If anyone tells you that they’ve fed a kid without trying “Here comes the aeroplane”, they’re lying! When you try to make mealtimes about fun, conversation, games and laughter, you will find your toddler looking forward to their meals, not just for the food but for the joy and comfort of your company!

This is what we believe works best but if you have some tips and tricks that you think can help other parents, please do share with in the comments below.


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