How to Mount Your TV LCD Yourself at Home with 9 Easy Steps

How to Mount Your TV LCD Yourself at Home with 9 Easy Steps

These days the trend of buying LCD TVs is quite high. This is due to the availability of high definition TVs and streaming over internet options. People who have good plans like Charter Spectrum internet want to enhance their viewing experience with larger, HD, and quality LCDs. As a result, their demand continues to grow!

It’s not difficult to mount an LCD TV at home. You can do it yourself. In doing so you will be able to save up on both your money and time. Do it and acquire a valuable skill by following the steps below.

Get a Bracket

You need a bracket to self-mount your device. If the LCD does not already come with one, then you need to buy one from the market. Make sure to find one that suits the size of the LCD. You can contact your LCD manufacturer for guidelines as well.

Detach the Base

Some TVs come with a removable base. Remove it since you need to attach the LCD with the mount. If it is detached by default, don’t attempt to re-attach it.

Place Your LCD on a Smooth Surface

Now, it is time to lay your device face down on the floor because you have to do some work. Keep in mind the surface should be smooth to avoid scratches on the screen. Place it gently on a table or smooth surface.

Locate the Holes

In the facedown position, check if there are holes in the backside. Usually, there are four. Remember, you will mount the bracket on these holes. There may be screws in the holes. Remove them. They are there in order to make it easy for you to search for them.

Connect Bracket to TV

It is time to grab your new mounting bracket and place it on your flat screen. The holes should align well with the dedicated slots in the bracket. Follow the instructions on the user manual carefully.

Tighten Bolts

Since you have found the directions carefully, start tightening the bolts. Make sure that you use good tools throughout this process. To tighten the bolts, use a screwdriver. Tighten the bolts properly to give stability to your LCD in the mounted position later on.

Choose an Appropriate Place

Have a discussion with your spouse regarding where to place the TV. This is important since you need a place where you’re comfy and able to enjoy TV as well. A good location will also provide you a good view to take your TV experience to the next level. Moreover, a minimum disturbance will allow you to enjoy movies and shows to the fullest!

Find Wall Studs

A stud finder will allow you to select appropriate places for mounting purposes. Go to the market and select one that is best for your LCD TV. Now, all you have to do is place it on your chosen wall and wait till you can locate an appropriate stud. Once done, selected a tape or use a pencil to mark the position.

Drill Holes

You’re almost done with the entire process. Drill in the holes in selected spots.

Place Bracket on Wall

Well, you’re done with the most difficult tasks and it is time to mount the bracket once and for all and take a sigh of relief. Make sure that holes and bolts are in correct alignment and on the same levels. Place the bracket on the wall now.

Mount Your LCD TV

Now, mount your screen on the bracket. Make sure to hide the cables behind the screen and plug the wire in a source nearby. It is time to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your TV subscription. Setting up the LCD was a thrilling experience for me when the technology was new. My Charter Spectrum TV packages allowed me to watch sports, news, and much more! Research about the ISPs in your area and subscribe to a good package to enjoy your TV experience to the fullest.


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