What made people exasperated about Meezan Bank?

mezan bank

While Islamic banking was already prominent in terms of the latest harassment incident that took place right inside the premises of an Islamic bank by the employee, another incident worked as a gasoline to the fire. Lately, Meezan bank refused to open a salary account for a filmmaking teacher. The excuse they offered was that he is a filmmaking teacher and the Shariah board would objection on his credibility keeping in view the Islamic perspective.

Such an unbelievable statement seemed to be a joke to the man and made him laugh but later, upon inquiry, the manager confirmed that he is being totally serious. The man left the bank but came back and asked the manager if Maulana Taqi Usmani is the one who makes the advertisements and the documentaries for Shariah Board or the sinners(filmmakers) like the man himself? The reply made the manager speechless. However, the incident reached many people as soon as the teacher posted it on Facebook, in the group ‘Voice Of Customer’.

Right after it got the hype, the bank called the man, invited him and generated his account number. However, the chequebook and ATM card will be delivered within a week.


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